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Our Favorite Fall Recipes

One of the best parts of the Fall season is the food, and we’re going to dive into some of our favorite fall recipes! Although we don’t get the stereotypical leaves changing colors or the super chilly weather during Fall like they do up north, us Floridians don’t hesitate to adorn our homes and lawns with festive decor each year. Another thing us Floridians are good at is throwing parties, and this season of gathering is nothing short of perfect for just that. If you’re looking to host or attend an autumn-themed gathering this season, you’re definitely going to want to try one of these delicious and festive ideas.


Flavors of fall include both sweet and savory tastes, and there’s an abundance of mixtures you can put together to introduce an explosion of flavor into your table spread. At one of our events in the past, we put together a caramel apple fondue station that was super popular with both the kids and the adults. It definitely gave a fall flair to the flavors on the table. You can mix in chocolate fondue, yogurt fruit dips, and pumpkin flavored pastries for an autumn dessert spread in addition to your savory spread of charcuterie, crostini, dips, and other salty apps.

Organize a Fall Spread for Your Next Party

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No matter what season it is, bruschetta in any form is always in. It’s one of those recipes that you can get super creative with, and even diverge from the cookbook and throw in your own personal twist. Whether that twist is a smidge more garlic or drizzling honey over the top of savory beef tenderloin – the possibilities are endless and your guests are sure to be impressed! Not only is a bruschetta-style appetizer generally easy to make, it’s also easy to transport to that seasonal potluck or drop off at a friends as a friendly gesture.

Take Your Bruschetta Game to the Next Level

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Staying on the topic of easy to put together appetizers – simply slide some ingredients onto a stick and call it a day with these skewer ideas. This one could honestly be made with random things you find in your fridge, or a quick recipe that can easily be changed and absolutely no one will know the difference. You can come up with unique combinations or steal it right from a Pinterest recipe. Sweet, salty, or a mix of both – anything goes!

Fall Themed Skewers

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One of my favorite aspects of parties is the whole tapas/buffet theme. Having access to a multitude of flavors is every foodies biggest dream! Whether you’re hosting a Fall party in your home or we’re hosting one for you, a charcuterie board/grazing station should always be a go to appetizer. Not only can you use it to cater to multiple diets such as Keto, Paleo, and Vegan, but it’s also a good excuse for guests to continue visiting the food bar. You can play around with so many different flavors and food types, and it’s one of the easiest appetizers to personalize with some seasonal decor or food items – for a Fall theme throw in some caramel apple slices, candy corn, or pumpkin biscotti! We can set up individual charcuterie cups (perfect for socializing & mingling), set up a single board or decorate an entire table depending on the size of your event.

Festive Fall Charcuterie Ideas

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