Disaster Relief

Our team has been serving people in Florida for over 40 years and we are committed to helping our communities in times of need. We have the experience and expertise to handle the complex demands and needs during emergency situations and it is our goal to serve everyone in a proven, efficient manner which nourishes them so they can continue the very important work of serving our communities in times of need. 

Our experienced team is well versed in managing off-site catering, adapting to new environments, and maintaining sensitivity to the needs of our clients. We also own the equipment, workspace, and hot and cold storage necessary to operate and produce emergency food services during a disaster including 12 refrigerated box trucks, onsite propane and gas, and all of the equipment needed to set up a portable kitchen and serve a large quantity of people.

Our Facilities

Our headquarters in Orlando is based in a 30,000 square foot facility which houses our warehouse, kitchen, sales and corporate offices. In addition to our Orlando Commissary, our Tampa Commissary is of similar size and scope. Our facilities are constructed from reinforced concrete tilt-wall with flat roofs, which resulted in no damage during the past hurricanes. We are fully operational during each storm as both our entire facilities are connected to backup generators; thus, we are never without power.

We have taken dramatic measures to make sure we’re prepared to provide emergency services during any situation including reinforced commissary buildings, underground propane, on-site gasoline and diesel fuel, access to portable water bladders and pallets of potable water, the purchase of necessary operational equipment, and priority relationships with food vendors to ensure the availability of raw food product.

Food Services

In times of crisis, our experienced emergency team has the ability to produce and deliver large volumes of meals on a short notice during a disaster or emergency situation. Our emergency food services include hot buffets, boxed meals, and shelf-stable meal kits. We are also well equipped to set up a portable kitchen, service stations, and dining areas at any location necessary for large groups of people.

Our team provides emergency food assistance and services for local non-profits, fire fighters, governmental organizations, hospitals, hurricane relief and natural disasters, frontline workers, recovery crews, first responders, and more in Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota and beyond.

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Over the years, we have gained valuable experience when providing emergency food services under various contracts during the past hurricanes and other emergency situations. We have long-lasting relationships with numerous major food vendors and rental companies throughout the state which give us the ability to support with any food, equipment, or additional resources needed.

With more than 200 team members across the state, we can provide a variety of food services at different locations, all executed at the same time. Our emergency teams are ready to mobilize and provide quick response and recovery food support with only 24 hours of notice before, during, and after a disaster. Contact us to learn more about our emergency food services.

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