Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Social Celebration | Teddy Bear Baby Shower

A baby shower is all about showing support for the new mama bear in the house. Gathering friends and family together to celebrate the beginning of a new life should be no small feat! Everyone knows that babies are expensive, and it would be an understatement to note that they can cause a lot of stress, especially when it comes to sleep. That’s why this last hoorah baby shower is the perfect way to prepare the expecting Mom for the next year and to shed some items from her shopping list. Our skills don’t end at cooking & catering, and we had the pleasure to style and design this entire event. Our Director of Catering, Lauren took the reins on this one and curated something truly magical – a teddy bear baby shower.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Teddy Bear Baby Shower | Designed by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering


Although catering isn’t our only skill, that doesn’t mean we aren’t experts in that field. For this particular event, we offered butler passed hor d’oeuvres & desserts and grab-and-go hor d’oeuvres that guests could quite literally, grab and go mingle with. In the heat of an event, you can’t go wrong with this service style. Rather than having to go back for seconds, let the seconds come to you!

Butler Passed Hor D'Oeuvres

Butler Passed Hor D’Oeuvres


Just because the expecting Mom can’t get boozy doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy a fruity non-alcoholic concoction! This delicious and adorable signature Piña Colada mixture triples as a photo op, decoration, as well as a “cocktail”. Our mixologist created this mocktail with coconut cream, pineapple juice, blended pineapple chunks, lime juice and blue dye for the baby boy!

Booze and Bubbles Signature Cocktail

Signature Blue Piña Colada Served by Booze & Bubbles


A welcome party simply cannot be done on an empty stomach. An abundance of food is absolutely needed at a baby shower! In addition to the butler passed and table set hor d’oeuvres we offered soups, salads, tea sandwiches, waffle fries and more. Some of the event-favorites were the watermelon salad, sweet corn and tomato gazpacho soup, and mini chicken quesadillas. Also, one of our staff and customer favorites, cuban cigars. The delicious variety displayed was notably perfect for the one who’s eating for two!

Teddy Bear Baby Shower

Displayed Hor D’Oeuvres


To really solidify the coolness of this event, Arctic Ice Company constructed a one of a kind teddy bear ice sculpture. We thought it might be efficient to use said ice sculpture as a host for the raw bar! Consisting of shrimp, stone crabs and other seafood and paired with garnish and sauce – this teddy bear was definitely the star of the event!

Teddy Bear Ice Sculpture Raw Bar

Teddy Bear Ice Sculpture x Raw Bar