Lindsay's Baby Shower at The Orlo

Social Celebration | Lindsay’s Baby Shower

The moment that your little human opens their eyes will be the best moment in your entire life. Celebrating the birth of that little one should be nothing short of breath taking, and so should the little moments leading up to it. Your baby shower should be full of love, conversation, and happiness! The Orlo House & Ballroom sets a welcoming tea party themed atmosphere. The venue features tons of natural light, cozy fireplaces, and rustic furniture. Featuring homey vibes, this historical home is perfect for your baby shower, bridal party, birthday party, corporate gathering or wedding.


Situated just outside of downtown Tampa, The Orlo House & Ballroom was recently renovated into a ballroom that is ideal for formal parties and extravagant dances. That being the case, the antique theme of this venue sets an atmosphere unlike any other. Our amazing staff put together multiple stations to create this astonishing event, including the delectable brunch buffet, hot & iced tea stations and mom-osa station featuring orange juice, champagne, and fresh berries to garnish. Flower Child Florist adorned each and every table with fresh flowers, which basked in all of the natural light that this venue has to offer.

Lindsay's Baby Shower at The Orlo


Mini sandwiches to match the mini you that’s about to enter this world?! If that doesn’t sound like a delicious brunch option for your baby shower, I don’t know what will. We decorated this gorgeous event’s table spread with a selection of tea sandwiches including chicken salad, egg salad, cucumber with dill cream cheese, and cranberry, turkey & camambert. Given that this was a brunch event, the tablescape also featured scones with herb jellies, lorraine bacon & cheese quiche, fruit salad, and caprese orzo presented in martini glasses. To really set the formal tea party atmosphere in stone, our staff wore white button down shirts with pink bow-ties!

Tea Party Hors d'oeuvres


Self proclaimed as “an ideal balance between the historic and modern, the simple and extravagant,” tea party themed tablescapes simply fit the mode at The Orlo. Featuring pastel color schemes and gorgeous dinnerware, your guests are sure to adore the ambiance that this gorgeous venue provides. Of course, florals are always an important part of any tablescape, but the floral drape over the backs of the chairs really set the tone for this event! Guests brought their own tea cups and saucers, which added a personal touch to each tablescape – such a lovely idea!

Tea Party Table Settings


Catering is our specialty, and that includes drink stations! Whether you’re celebrating the beginning of motherhood with a non-alcoholic mom-osa or delicious iced tea with berries & lemons, we’ve got your back. Which you’re probably in dire need of, given that pregnancy unfortunately goes hand and hand with back pain. We’re here to ease your suffering as much as possible! Our Director of Catering, Lauren, made sure that Lindsay had a drink in her hand from start to finish at her baby shower.

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Lindsay's Baby Shower