Bridal Shower at the orlo

Social Celebration | Desiree’s Bridal Shower

When you’re imagining your bridal shower, do you think simple, extravagant, maybe even a little boujee? Whatever you envision, it can be made into a reality at The Orlo House & Ballroom. A historical house built in 1896, The Orlo pairs plain elegance with a pleasant atmosphere. Featuring rustic furniture and unique quirks that only an older house offers, this venue breathes character and is the perfect setting for any type of event.


Earlier this May, we celebrated Desiree as the bride-to-be. This event was so fun to put together because we had plenty of fun activities for the guests to participate in. Those activities created an interactive bonding experience for the bride and her guests. Something that is definitely necessary before tying the knot and starting that next chapter in the her life! Guests were cheerfully greeted by staff-poured mimosa’s on the front porch, and upon walking through the front doors were welcomed with a make your own bouquet station. After their DIY floral experience, guests were encouraged to scavenge The Orlo, searching for hidden rings throughout the venue. The guest who found the most rings by the time the first gift was opened won a fun prize!

Bridal Shower at The Orlo House & Ballroom


The big day is coming, but the food doesn’t start there! Guests at Desiree’s bridal shower were encouraged to grab a martini glass full of fruit salad topped with chantilly cream and celebrate her last days as a single lady with mini tea sandwiches, croissants, spring mix & berry salad, mini quiche and hash brown & cream cheese casserole. Drink stations featured the previously mentioned mimosa bar on the front porch, as well as iced tea and lemonade, hot tea, and gourmet coffee stations within.

Desiree's Bridal Shower Appetizers


Putting together a tablescape that not only fits the vibe of the event, but also the bride is one of our favorite aspects of events. Seeing an atmosphere rise from the ground up and transform into a beautiful setting is truly  humbling. We decorated the tablescapes for Desiree’s bridal shower with rose gold silverware and placemats, topped with gold-rimmed plates and an adorable gold ring pen. “What did the groom say?” activity cards were placed on top of each plate and offered guests the chance to guess the groom’s answers to questions about the bride. Such a cute idea, and it really made for a fun experience for the bride and her guests!

Bridal Shower at The Orlo House & Ballroom


The little things at your event matter, and we want to make every moment really count. This might involve unique decorations, personalized activities, or simply a message box where guests can place their best wishes. No matter how little or how much you want at your event, we’re determined to make it happen. For Desireee’s bridal shower, there was an adorable “drop your panties here” decoration next to the personalized cookies, and photos of the bride & groom spread throughout the venue.

Bridal Shower at The Orlo House & Ballroom


Although we didn’t take advantage of the elegant ballroom during this particular event – that doesn’t mean we don’t have full capability of turning this space into the event of your dreams. With the capability to fit up to 350 guests, you won’t have to worry about where you’re going to fit the dance floor! The Orlo offers multiple amenities that can be adapted to your event, such as the stage for live music, the courtyard for the groomsmen to enjoy their cigars, or the massive staircase for a unique photo opportunity! The Orlo is sincerely a wonderful venue, and ensures a beautiful event!

Contact one of our planners to reserve The Orlo House & Ballroom for your next event! 

The Orlo House & Ballroom