Station House Wedding Rehearsal

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Nearly as important as the big day itself, the wedding rehearsal is a big deal. You may be reuniting with childhood friends, seeing your grandparents who flew in all the way across the country, or simply seeing friends that you haven’t had the time to see lately. Whatever the case, the big event before the BIG event is super important, and sets the tone for the entire weekend.


So this event is pretty special. Maybe I’m a little bias, but that’s because this rehearsal dinner was for one of our very own Puff team members! When coworkers are like family, who’s better to trust with the planning and catering of your wedding rehearsal? Although the evening was a little rainy (and by that I mean pouring), Station House offers adequate indoor roaming space in addition to the turf terrace that overlooks downtown St Petersburg. Domenic & Kristi spent the night before the biggest day of their lives amongst family, friends, delicious hor d’ouevres, and of course, cocktails!

Wedding Rehearsal at Station House


Station House offers gorgeous hanging tables with a city-view, an already beautiful tablescape that can be transformed into a delicious setting. First to occupy the tables at the rehearsal dinner was a grilled frisee & chicory salad containing smoked honey, grapefruit, shaved manchego, pistachio and mustard vinaigrette. Following the salad was lemon basil shrimp risotto with spring vegetables. The main course was plated per guest, and was hand delivered to their tables. Guests were able to enjoy the stunning views of the city while enjoying their meals and conversing with one another.

Lemon Basil Shrimp Risotto Plated Dinner


Hand-catered to the almost bride & groom’s tastebuds, the appetizers were seriously mouth watering. Domenic & Kristi’s rehearsal featured delicious pancetta flatbread, goat cheese pear flatbread, beef tenderloin sliders, sweet & savory popcorn from Salty Sisters, plus beat & goat cheese and yemenite macaroons. A delicate mix of sweet and salty flavors, these hor d’ouevres were well-loved! Served on Station Houses rustic green tables, these apps were surrounded by antique lamps and complimented with chic wallpaper.

wedding rehearsal appetizers


The complimentary cocktails at an event are what’s going to be in every guests hand, which is why your choice in cocktail is crucial! During Domenic & Kristi’s wedding rehearsal, Aperol Spritzer was the drink of choice. These cocktails were spread out on a shelf near the entrance, stationed right next to the welcome sign. Guests were welcomed into the venue with a refreshing splash of spritzer the minute they stepped out of the elevator. As guests flowed into the venue, they took their drinks with them to catch the sights of downtown St. Petersburg from the outdoor terrace.

Wedding Rehearsal Cocktails & Bar


Dinner, appetizers, cocktails – those are all imperative for a successful event. But the absolute most important thing is spending time with friends and family. Events offer a chance to get together with old friends and even meet some new ones. Station House is the perfect place to celebrate. The unique turf terrace & balcony, winding staircase that leads to the dining room with tables hung by chains, and a gorgeous foyer with a full bar make this venue special. Our main focus here at Puff ‘n Stuff is to passionately perfect life’s celebrations, and it’s the meaningful moments shared between people that drives us to succeed. If you’re celebrating a special occasion in the near future, we hope that you’ll trust us to make sure it’s one of the best days in your life. Connect with one of our esteemed planners to learn more!

Domenic & Kristi's Wedding Rehearsal at Station House

Rehearsal Dinner at Station House for Domenic & Kristi