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There’s no better way to kick off summer fun-in-the-sun than with a tropical party. Summer is full of sunshine, freshly blooming flowers, beach days, fireworks and so many other fun and exciting things. It’s definitely the most lively season, and typically is one of the most memorable times of the year. Similarly to New York as the city that never sleeps, the Tampa/Orlando area is bustling with beach goers, vacationers, and plenty of outdoor fun during the day and tropical bars during the evening. Whether you’re planning a hawaiian luau or an all American BBQ, these party ideas are perfect for any summer soiree.


Your choice in venue for any event is a colossal decision considering that it sets the entire vibe for your event. Although we can adorn any venue with tropical decor, plate-ware, hor d’ouevres and menu, nothing can match the characteristic environment of a waterfront tiki hut or a tropical garden! The venue you choose for your tropical party should enunciate paradise before a single tablecloth hits the tables. Whether you’re impressing potential customers with the gala of the summer, throwing a tropical birthday party for your best friend or a top-of-the-line graduation party, the venue should represent the tropical theme!

Paradise Cove  |   Powel Crosley Estate  |  Tampa River Center

Tropical Venues

Pina coladas, rum punch, and rum runners are lining up at the gate for every tropical party, but we can also get creative with the tropical drinks for your soiree. Each guest should have a unique, garnished splash of paradise in their hand during your party. A slice of pineapple on the rim, a mini umbrella because everyone loves those, or a boozy popsicle is only just the beginning. Your guests will be buzzed just thinking about these tropical alcoholic delicacies! For an all-ages party, spice things up with a non-alcoholic lemonade stand!

Coconut Cups | Refreshing Citrus | Watermelon | A Splash of Paradise

Tropical Party Cocktails


Decorations for your tropical party shouldn’t just include the stereotypical napkins with a sun on them, watermelon slices, or bright colored tablecloths. We can take your party decor to the next level! Think fire dancers, rentable boats, maybe even a limbo bar. Your gala is sure to be a one-stop-shop for all kinds of fun activities, delicious drinks and snacks!

Tiki Head Decor | Luau Leis | Tropical Signage | Party Balloons | Tropical Mimosa Station

Tropical Party Ideas


Curving our way towards the menu options, tastes of the Caribbean are perfect for any summer get-together. I’m talking mojo chicken, chili-lime, baja mango salsa, and good old fashioned tropical BBQ. These tastes merge well with a tangy pineapple cocktail or a mock-tail mango punch. That being said, these flavors are perfect for your tropical party and are definitely something we can accomplish for you.

Heavenly Oysters | Tropical Shrimp | Pineapple Salsa | Baja Tacos

Tropical Party Menu


The days are getting longer and summer nights are approaching. Which means it’s time to solidify your summer party plans ASAP, and we’re ecstatic to help you do just that. Let us create your tropical paradise!

Tropical Tiki Party Catering Ideas