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Supporting local farms that share the same passion and standards is important to us and our food system. That’s why we chose to partner with The Villages Grown, a local supplier of healthy produce. They share our passions for nutrient-dense, great tasting foods, and this partnership gives us the opportunity to service your event with high-quality ingredients. The Villages Grown team brings extensive experience from the fields of agriculture and wellness. By partnering with The Villages Grown, we are incorporating a variety of healthy produce into our catering menu. Together, we are cultivating a vibrant community by bringing nutrition to the table.

Healthy Produce from The Villages Grown

The Villages Grown Farm

We pride ourselves on curating nutritional dishes with fresh-picked produce, and that’s why we chose to partner with The Villages Grown. You may have seen their produce in stores like Publix or Earth Fare, especially if you’re venturing into the organic section. What you may not know is that The Villages Grown harvests their produce right here in our community. Their produce is hand-picked and out the door within 2 to 48 hours. This ensures that the food they source maintains the nutrient-dense qualities that you and your guests deserve. A hyper-local food system is incredibly important to our well-being and to our community, and The Villages Grown supplies produce so fresh it’s as if it’s been plucked from the vine in your very own backyard.


Located in the heart of our community, The Villages Grown innovative growing complex encompasses controlled-environment agriculture greenhouses and a state-of-the-art processing facility and delivery fleet. Serving as the hub, this complex ensures the quality, safety, and timely delivery of the nutrient-dense healthy produce that is grown in their greenhouses and partner farms. They offer a variety of year-round and seasonal produce selections as well as local artisan specialties, and we will be adding that lineup to our catering dishes, hor d’oeuvres, and desserts. That being said, you and your guests can enjoy healthy, local food at your event. Another positive impact that our partnership with The Villages Grown has made is supplying our meal delivery service Heirloom with produce so that you can enjoy sustainable meals in the comfort of your own home.

Local food featuring healthy produce from The Villages

Jumping right back into what makes the produce from The Villages Grown so great, you now know that they supply healthy produce that is locally grown. However, their greenhouses are also pesticide-free, utilize less land, and employ various resource-monitoring systems and processes. That means that you can enjoy produce that ripened on the vine, was picked at its peak freshness, and is rich in nutrients without any pesticides or chemicals being used in the growing process. By incorporating that healthy produce into our catering menu selections, we can ensure that the natural ingredients we use remain colorful and full of flavor.


Local Partnership with The Villages Grown

The Villages Grown focuses not only on the health value of their produce, but also on how to help the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. They heed that promise through innovative techniques and carefully timed harvesting schedules. By doing this, they can ensure that produce arrives quickly to consumers still intact with its vital nutrients. They also use sustainable practices and take the time to educate our community on how living vibrantly not only tastes delicious but also creates a happy, healthy life for ourselves and the Earth. This community food system is designed to benefit not only the health of the residents here in The Villages, but that of the environment and economy as well. It’s all about cultivating a vibrant community where people feel great and live life to the fullest.

Want to incorporate The Villages Grown healthy produce into your lifestyle? Start by ordering nutritional, ready-to-eat meals with our meal delivery service.