3 Vegetarian Reception Menus That’ll Have You Craving Your Greens

It’s no secret the vegetarian lifestyle has gained some major steam over the past couple of years. More people than ever are choosing grilled veggies and marinated mushroom caps over surf and turf, which means that caterers are stretching their menus to accommodate. But often brides who decide they’d like to celebrate their nuptials sans carnivorous options feel at a loss as to how they’ll satisfy the varying tastes of their guests.

There’s really no need to worry. Between caterers who specialize in offering seasonal and organic vegetable-based dishes like John Michael Events, to caterers who offer fun vegetarian twists on classic favorites like Puff N Stuff Orlando, there’s more choices than ever before that a bride can confidently offer to her guests knowing that their pallets, no matter their veggie-loving persuasion, will be more than satisfied.


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