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Considering that spring is the season of new things blossoming, it just makes sense to start the next chapter of your life with a spring wedding! There are tons of unique ways to ring in your big day with spring influence. Whether you want to dance among a spring color theme, celebrate in a garden or on a waterfront, or decorate everything with flowers, there’s no doubt that your spring wedding will be nothing short of breathtaking.


They say rain on your wedding day symbolizes good luck, which is why tying the knot during a spring shower doesn’t just make for unique wedding photos, but sprouts a beautiful beginning to your happily-ever-after. When everything around you is blooming and beautiful, just like your love story, it’s a sure sign that the next chapter in your life will be an amazing one. Luckily in Florida, planning a rainy wedding is pretty easy during this drizzly season! This beautiful couple definitely got the memo, and celebrated their stunning wedding at the Tampa River Center on a rainy afternoon.

spring wedding rain


Providing your guests with the interactive experience of taking a glass and taking their seat has a bubbly ring to it. This creative technique also doubles as a unique photo backdrop, and is perfect for a group of bridesmaids. Make your photographers life a little easier with this idea and grab your girls, grab a drink, & say cheese! You can add spring-themed place cards with your wedding date, names, and their table name around the stem of the glass or place the seating card on a stirring stick within the glass of champagne for a memorable take-home wedding favor.

champagne seating chart


A spring wedding, or any wedding for that matter, isn’t complete without delicious cocktails. To put it plain and simple, bees shouldn’t be the only ones buzzing during the season of awakening! Say cheers to many years with your partner with these spring-themed cocktails. They’re sure to put a pep in your step!

Citrus Cocktails | Ruby Red Grapefruit Sparkler | Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer | Pineapple Lime Sangria Spritzer | Lemon Lavender Mint Julep

spring wedding cocktails


Now we’re getting to the really good part, the food! We offer various options and are always willing to create something new and exciting for your event. Given that spring is the season of new beginnings, it’s perfect timing for us to do just that! Our different service styles are dialed in to accommodate your dream wedding with butler passed hor d’oeuvres, a grazing station, or multiple grazing tables. These spring wedding appetizer examples are only a few of the one-of-a-kind ideas that we can transform into a reality.

Spring Hors d'oeuvres Catering Ideas


Whether buffet, plated, or chef stations, each service style creates a unique vibe. One of our experienced planners would be happy to help you choose a service style (or combination of styles) to match the degree of flow, formality, variety and timing you want at your wedding. We offer an expansive menu with dishes catered to all different types of taste buds. Chef Sean’s Carrot Soup, Butler Passed Fish Tacos, Seasonal Flatbreads, Grilled Salmon, and Caprese Sliders are just a few of our menu items that make a perfect meal for spring! 

Spring Catering Food Ideas & Wedding Inspiration


Surrounding yourself and your guests with an alluring environment is a necessity, and there’s certain types of venues that are naturally produce a spring vibe. You’ll surely want to consider a garden ambiance, a scene overlooking the ocean, or a gorgeous estate where you’ll be surrounded by greenery. To say that photos don’t do the following venues justice is an understatement, because actually attending one of these locations will take your breath away. Contact one of our planners to reserve one of these venues for your next spring themed gathering.

Powel Crosley Estate | Ybor City Museum | Up the Creek Farms

Spring themed venues


The color scheme for a spring event should feature light, bright colors that encourage liveliness amongst your guests. After all, each spring we clean our homes of the past years debris and start anew with a fresh attitude, ready to take on the year ahead of us. A simple and pleasant way to introduce that to your event is by adorning the tables, grazing stations, cocktail bars, walkways, and everything in between with fresh florals. You definitely don’t want a shortage of flowers at your spring wedding, because they certainly create a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere and inspire personal growth that each of your guests can appreciate.

Spring Floral Design & Inspiration