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It’s time to celebrate dad! Father’s Day is right around the corner, and I can already smell the burgers cooking, hear the Dad jokes flying from every direction, and see the abundance of clams that are ready to boil! When it comes to gifts for Dad, generally stores offer a selection of things that are  beer themed, fishing themed, and especially grill themed. We all know that Dad’s enjoy cooking their own food, especially when it’s over a hot bed of coals. But someone is definitely going to have to prepare everything else, and there’s a good chance that its going to be you.


No matter what type of event you’re planning for Dad this Father’s Day, food is going to be a huge component. Whether you choose to do a BBQ, Clambake, or a “simple” dinner, you’re going to have more than just a meal on your plate. Here’s some great ideas for throwing the perfect party for Dad this Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Party IdeasFather's Day Dinner Ideas


Appetizers may be easier to put together than the main course, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easier to decide what to actually serve. You’re one of the people who knows your Dad best, so you surely know some of his favorite foods. Use that knowledge, throw together some of Dad’s favorite eats, and add some of these hor d’oeuvre ideas to your table!

Chorizo Empanadas  |  Buffalo Chicken Spring Roll  |  Cuban Cigar Braised Beef on a Corn Cake  |  Stuffed Mushroom Caps  |  Shepherd’s Pie Tart


In my opinion, the best option is to avoid the kitchen at all costs and spend more quality time with Dad by ordering our Father’s Day Family Meal. However, I might be just a little biased. If you’d rather cook a home-cooked meal for Dad, I understand that too! I compiled lots of ideas of some Dad-friendly dinner options that are sure to make an impression.

Lamb Chops  |  Grilled & Buttered Swordfish  |  Carved Virgina Ham  |  Seared Scallop on Corn Relish  |  Wagyu Steak  |  Smokehouse Buffet

Father's Day Dinner Ideas


Yep, you read that correctly, it’s time to discuss dessert. Pretty much everyone’s favorite food topic, you’re going to want at least one dessert option at your table this Father’s Day. If you’re the type that reserves sweet things for special occasions, it’s your time to make your cake and eat it too! I don’t know about you, but these mouthwatering dessert ideas are calling my name!

Chocolate Terrarium  | Mini S’mores Molten Chocolate Cake  |  Makers Mark Chocolate Cake

Father's Day Dessert Ideas