The Scout Guide Orlando Launch Party

We’ve Been Scouted!


You may have heard of The Scout Guide, but did you know that we now have our very own Scout Guide in our beautiful, sunny Orlando? We are proud to announce that we were chosen as the top local caterer in Orlando by The Scout Guide Orlando! The Scout Guide creates guides in 70 locations nationwide, and each editor dives into some of the best local businesses in their area. By doing this, they connect readers with local, independently-owned businesses in their communities. As advocates for small businesses, The Scout Guide editors are continually scouting their communities for local finds to share and celebrate. With their fingers on the pulse, they are also excellent sources of unique recommendations.

Why does this matter? As quoted by Erin Forsey and Amy Groom, editors of The Scout Guide Aspen, “It is important to preserve the spirit of our towns and cities by supporting local businesses, their owners and employees, and the community contributors.”  Jaleh Benner, our very own Orlando Scout Guide, welcomes the opportunity to connect the collection of small businesses, talented entrepreneurs, artisans, and makers in the community. When Jaleh learned that we didn’t previously have a Scout Guide in Orlando, she was astounded. Being a longtime fan of The Scout Guide, she knew that it was something that the community of Orlando deserved and needed.

The Scout Guide Orlando Launch Party

Jaleh comes to The Scout Guide with 10-plus years of corporate retail experience, many in print and photoshoot production, making her a perfect candidate for the task. When she moved to Orlando, Jaleh spent a lot of time exploring our local community and getting to know the local businesses in Orlando – including us! After learning that we have been a local caterer in Orlando for over 40 years and one of the largest catering companies of its kind in Central Florida, she knew she had to feature us. She was also very excited to learn that we started one of the first locally owned and operated meal delivery services in Orlando. View our features in The Scout Guide Orlando’s Volume 1.

Local Caterer for The Scout Guide

When Jaleh isn’t scouting for local businesses to share with the world, she enjoys seeing the world through the tiny eyes of her little girl. Between Emmilene and fur baby Lilly, she is a busy lady. Locals might see them on long walks, or looking for their next cup of great coffee or glass of wine. And that’s exactly what we want her to do, because that means more local finds that she can share with the community!

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