Emily Justice

Emily Justice

Special Event Planner, Orlando

Throughout my life, the women in my family have been a profound source of inspiration, particularly in their adept hostess skills. Whether orchestrating a refined high tea baby shower, an annual post-holiday bash, or a milestone birthday celebration culminating in spirited German drinking songs, they have consistently demonstrated remarkable abilities in conceptualizing and executing memorable menus. From my earliest years, I have perceived life as an ongoing celebration, intricately woven with elements of delectable cuisine, exceptional drinks, and cherished company.

As a Special Event Planner, the entire process is an amazing journey. From understanding the client’s vision to crafting a menu that reflects their spirit, witnessing the realization of these elements on the event day is truly rewarding. Being a part of significant life moments for so many is a privilege that adds a special touch to my role.

In my 12 years as a Special Event Planner, I’ve observed a shift in social event menus. They’ve evolved from a simple component to a pivotal element in the overall event production. The celebration of life’s moments has taken on a grander and more elaborate essence, as it rightfully should.

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