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If you’ve finalized your guest list and are ready to knock out your seating plan, the first big step is deciding where you’d like to sit at your own party. First, start by creating a special place just for you and your love! Whether or not your guests will have assigned seating, it’s important to give yourself a special place to sit. There are several popular options including sweetheart tables, king’s tables and the traditional head table.


Romantic Sweetheart Tables
A more recent addition to wedding receptions, a sweetheart table is typically situated in front of guests or closest to the dance floor and seats only the bride and groom. This table-for-two brings the couple to the forefront, making them the natural center of attention and provides a front-row seat for the party. Not only does this option offer sweet photo ops, it helps you focus on each other, enjoy your meal and get back to the excitement!

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Lively King’s Tables
A King’s Table is a long table with 12 or more guests seated opposite one another, much like a King holding court with his royal entourage. Guests at the King’s Table sit opposite of each other for ease of conversation, and a more intimate atmosphere. This is also a nice way to include dates of the wedding – if they don’t know anyone else it allows them to engage in conversation in a comfortable setting.

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Traditional Head Tables
The most classic bridal seating arrangement is the traditional head table, seating the bride and groom between their respective wedding parties. A long banquet table is a focal point in the reception space and sets the couple and their wedding parties in a place of honor. Immediate family members are sometimes included at this table, the choice is up to you!

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