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The plain and simple white heel that’s been around for ages is finally stepping back. Walking the bride down the aisle is an important job requiring style, and lots of it! So in with the hot pops of color, philanthropy, words of love, and elegant additions!

Pops of Color
Colored shoes have made a grand entrance into many weddings from bright colors to mix-and-matching bright colors. Not only do bold heels add an element of fun, they give you a good reason to show off your dancing shoes!

Shoes with a Purpose
Another trend we’re seeing is shoes that give back. With all the money spent on weddings, it’s great to know that the shoes you’re wearing not only look amazing, but are also helping someone else in need. One of our favorite companies is TOMS Shoes. For every pair of shoes purchased TOMS matches a pair of shoes for a child in need.

Words of Love
It’s all about the details from head to toe… including the bottom of those beloved wedding shoes! From appliques and stickers to writing a sweet note to remember, Brides & Grooms are finding clever ways to share their words of love, special dates and of course the ever famous “I DO.”

Elegant Additions
You’re wedding shoes should be as unique as you are. From pearls and embellishments to flowers and glitter, there are so many fun ways to dress your feet. Whether you’re going for classy, elegant or trendy, the possibilities are endless with these pretty little additions. Look below to see some of our favorite wedding shoes!

Pops of Color

Wedding shoes


Shoes with a Purpose

Wedding shoes


Words of Love

Wedding Shoes


Elegant Additions

Wedding Shoes

Collage 1:

Top Left: My Glass Slipper
Top Right: Cherry Tree Lane
Bottom Left: Etsy
Bottom Right: Bridal Buds

Collage 2:

TOMS Wedding Collection

Collage 3:

Top Left: Zank You
Top Right: Contemporary Bride
Bottom Left: Zank You
Bottom Center: Zank You
Bottom Right: Etsy

Collage 4:

Top Left: Etsy
Top Right: You & You’re Wedding
Bottom Left: Pinterest
Bottom Center: Pinterest
Bottom Right: Net-a-Porter

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