Floral Wedding Trends | The Freshest Trends of the Season!
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Fashion isn’t the only thing that changes with the season…and this season’s floral trends are absolutely breathtaking! The traditional white arrangements have taken the backseat to bright color combinations, diamonds, feathers, dynamic sizes, and hints of herbs. Brides and Grooms are designing floral arrangements to set the tone they want for their special day. Whether you’re looking to set a fiery romantic, vintage, or a lively atmosphere, this season’s trends will compliment them all!

In early Roman Weddings, Brides carried herbs under their veils to ensure fertility and fidelity, and to ward off evil spirits. You might not use them for the same purpose on your wedding day, but you can still participate in one the freshest trends of the season; incorporating fresh succulents like echeveria, and herbs like rosemary and lavender to your arrangements. It’s ancient beauty meets modernity to create this boho- chic look, bringing new textures and scents to the table.

New Heights
Table arrangements are reaching new and different heights, literally. Instead of identical centerpieces, brides are mixing it up. From various size arrangements of the same color scheme, to multiple vases of different heights on one table.

Another new trend we love is feathers! They are such an elegant and romantic addition providing a fairytale atmosphere; and they can be incorporated into your wedding in so many ways. From dainty and subtle, to large colored ostrich feathers, they add a plume of perfection to today’s arrangements.

The finishing touches… after all it’s all in the details! After taking the time to pick out the perfect floral combination, adding buttons, pins,  jewels and pearls make your arrangement that more more unique. Year after year the satin ribbon has been a beautiful choice for binding, but also consider lace, a funky fabric, or even burlap. Most of all, have fun!

Floral Wedding trends

Floral Wedding trends

Floral Wedding trends

Floral Wedding trends

Floral Wedding trends

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Art Faulkner Photography and Fairbank Florist, two amazing local vendors of which many of the above pictured floral arrangements came from.



Art Faulkner Photography

Fairbanks Florist

Rhodes Studios

Silk Wedding Designs


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