A Single Entree For All
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Most of our clients, when choosing a menu for their event, find themselves in a dilemma. How do I please the majority of my guests with just one entrée? You’ll always have the vegetarians and vegans or, those with a gluten allergy or other dietary restrictions, and we are more than happy to accommodate those guests. But if you’d like to stray away from the confusion that inevitably comes along with allowing your guests to choose what plated entree they’d like, we’ve created some plates that are sure to please any palette.

Play it Safe:
Turkish coffee-rubbed braised boneless short ribs, served with hazelnut-infused mashed potatoes, sautéed broccolini, caramelized pearl onions, and an espresso demi glace.

This dish may sound fancy, but it’s a homey, ‘comfort food’ dish with very familiar flavors—think: Mom’s mouthwatering pot roast. If your guests love meat, filet mignon is a standard choice, so short ribs will be unexpected, but very familiar and appreciated.

Wow the Crowd:

Roasted pork tenderloin en croute, served with an Italian sausage, shallot, and mascarpone cheese pâté, fennel risotto cake, and roasted broccoli rabe with garlic.

This is essentially an updated take on classic beef Wellington. Pork is an unexpected ingredient, so guests will be intrigued, but the flavors are still familiar. The fennel risotto cake accompaniment is more unusual than a standard rice pilaf or roasted potatoes, but the flavor and texture will appeal to everyone.

Paul Lorrain, Executive Chef
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