Celebrating 30 Years Serving Central Florida!
January 19, 2010 by admin | comments

This year will mark the Puff ‘n Stuff Catering 30-year Anniversary. Since 1980, we have been Orlando’s premier catering and full-service event planning company and are now the largest of our kind in Florida. We’ve achieved this status largely in part to one word: Innovation. It’s what drives our business and our team members—evidenced in everything from our Special Event Planners and expert Chefs to our state-of-the-art facility.

But if you’ve ever wondered where it all began, and a more commonly asked question–how we got our name, here’s a short history:

In 1971, Puff ‘N’ Stuff (sans Catering) opened as a puff pastry shop in San Fernando, Trinidad, owned by three friends who thought they’d put their baking skills to good use: Yuklan Laing, Gwyneth Pogson, and Susie Dietel. Because they specialized in puff pastries, and created some other “stuff” too (cakes & breads), the name Puff ‘N’ Stuff was a natural fit.

When Susie and her husband, Glenn, moved to Florida in 1978, they wanted to bring a piece of home with them. So in 1980, they opened Puff ‘N’ Stuff here in Orlando, Florida. The pastry shop quickly grew into something more, and they were cooking up full meals and providing catering services in no time.

In 2003, their son, Warren Dietel, had a vision for the company, so he purchased the company from his parents and immediately set out to grow Central Florida’s premier catering operation into a full-service event planning company. He updated the brand, added “Catering” to the company name, and grew the business over 250% in 3 years. Puff ‘n Stuff Catering is now recognized as a national leader in our industry.

So for you, “Puff ‘n Stuff” may invoke thoughts of a TV show or a head shop. But for us, it is a legacy, an evolution, and an inspiration.

Passionately Perfecting Life’s Celebrations for 30 years!

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