New Twist on Traditional Catering Favorites
December 2, 2009 by admin | comments
Many of our clients want to know how to create a unique event without the custom price. Here are a few cost-effective ideas to make your next event seem tailor-made for you.

Un-Traditional Brownie
Presentation can make a huge difference. Take a simple, traditional item, such as a brownie – why does it have to be square cut from a large baking pan? Using an individual-sized baking dish in a different shape adds dimension and a sense of customization. It’s the same cost as a regular brownie, but it looks like an expensive, gourmet dessert.

Creative Comfort
The craze is still comfort food with a twist. Sliders are hugely popular, but they don’t have to be boring. Simply switch the cheddar with manchego and replace traditional ketchup with chipotle-flavored ketchup, and you’ve now got a fun, creative slider without impacting your budget.

Big Taste Beef
We’ve noticed a big shift toward high flavor, low cost proteins. In the past year, we’ve created some unique dishes made with short ribs or beef brisket to accommodate clients who can’t afford the tenderloin. Our espresso-glazed short rib on hazelnut mashed potatoes is just one of many examples. Chefs plate the item and present it to the guests.

Even in this economy, quality is still key. The parties are less elaborate than they used to be, but they’re much more personalized. You can have a great party on a budget … and you don’t have to stick to the chicken fingers!

Chef Paul Lorraine, Executive Chef
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