Eco-Friendly Event Ideas
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Whether you are planning a wedding, baby shower, private dinner for two or a large corporate event there are a lot of ways to not only make your guests happy but also the environment. Many people are focusing on making their events eco-friendly. Saving our planet just gives us one more reason to celebrate. So in honor of earth day, here are some great ideas for making your next event more green.

Invitations. When choosing your invitation, consider using plantable seeded paper, recycled paper, or even bamboo paper – and to go completely natural have them printed with soy or vegetable oil-based inks. A less formal alternative is to send an email invitation. Sites like have endless options to choose from with every theme imaginable and the best part there is no paper, no waste and no fuel emissions.

Décor. There is nothing like first impressions. Using natural, earthly elements will enhance the ambiance of your party. Try decorating with old colored glass bottles in shades of green, blue and browns to bring the colors of nature right into your centerpieces. These one-of-a-kind vases used in different shapes and sizes add dimension to your tables. You can also use potted plants and flowers and invite your guest to take them home as a cheerful reminder of your special event that they can cherish for years to come. Fresh fruit also gives lots color and texture to a normally plain centerpiece. Use fresh oranges, limes, lemons or kiwis in a crystal vase with twigs to add color. Place cherry tomatoes and blueberries around a white candle in a hurricane to set the mood for a Fourth of July celebration. Allow your imagination to go & grow wild.

Menu. Ask your caterer to buy organic and use local farms, when possible. When Puff ‘n Stuff Catering needs organic materials we turn to our local farmers for example Adale Farms. Adale Farms helps supply our innovative chefs with micro greens to incorporate flavor and texture as well as added nutrition. We have also teamed with up with places like the Orlando Brewery when we want everything including the Ale to be organic. These days everything from organic fruits, vegetables, poultry and meats can be readily found, so there is no reason not to have a healthy, eco-friendly meal for your guests to munch down on.

Serviceware. Lots of companies are making tableware with raw materials such as bamboo, bespoke palm, sugarcane or recycled biodegradable plastic. Puff ‘n Stuff Catering frequently uses bamboo bowls, spoons and other serviceware not only to be more green, but also to enhance the décor. Or for a more formal option, pull out the “Good China.” This is a reusable option and is very environmentally friendly and adds a sense of sophistication to your party.

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