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Holiday Spotlight | St. Patrick’s Day
March 17, 2013 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

Happy St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick’s Day, also know as the Feast of Saint Patrick, was originally a day dedicated to celebrating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland; Whether you’re sticking to your roots or celebrating the Irish-American culture that so many proudly claim, we’d like to celebrate with you!

Chicago gets festive each year by dying their river emerald green, but why let the folks in Chicago have all the fun? Passionately Perfecting Life’s Celebrations isn’t just our tagline, it’s our way of life! And we’re bringing the luck of the Irish to you, so gather your friends and join us in celebrating with some brews & bites!

Green Beer | St. Patrick's Day Catering | St. Patrick's Day Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Chef Paul created a Deconstructed Corned Beef Slider that’s so good, all the leprechauns in town are trading in their pots of gold just to try it! So cheers, or slainte as the Irish would say, to a lively day & all of the friends that we’ll share it with! Don’t forget to give your favorite special event planner a call today to try our newest culinary creation!

Corned Beef Slider | St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Corned Beef & Cabbage Slider sliced corned beef and dijon mustard topped with North Carolina coleslaw and served on a potato roll

Irish Pride Cocktail Puff 'n Stuff Catering

Indulge With Our Signature Irish Pride

  • 1 ounce of Apple Pucker Schnapps
  • 1 ounce Melon Liquor
  • 1 ounce of Irish Whiskey
  • Fill Remainder of Mug with Sour Mix

Build the ingredients in an Irish Coffee Mug, stir well, add a garnish of choice and enjoy with good company!

View Our Irish Inspiration On Pinterest

St. Patricks Day Pinterest Inspiration


We searched high & low for all things St. Patrick’s Day! From creative cuisine to drinks, decor, and even green attire for this special occasion. Be sure to check out our St. Patrick’s Day board, and while you’re there follow us for more for inspiration, fresh ideas, and all kinds of event fun! Click here to visit us on Pinterest!

Featured Photography:
Thank you Misty Miotto and S&S Photography for allowing us to feature your photographs.

Trends | Cakes + Cupcakes | Sweet Little Things
January 22, 2013 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

We’re so excited to have teamed up with Jennyfer Mancino at The Sugar Suite to bring you this weeks blog post! We’ve seen so many weddings lately where people are opting out of the traditional wedding cake and instead using cupcakes or mini-cakes. In addition to the wild epidemic of new flavors, we’re seeing mini-cakes and cupcakes looking absolutely glamorous. From sugar flowers and pearls to elegant gold dust, today’s cakes are more stunning than they have ever been before.

Another trend we’re seeing is smaller wedding cakes accompanied by other decadent desserts. Jennyfer said, “We do small wedding cakes serving 25 or less when a bride and groom want the style of a wedding cake, but may have other desserts they would like to incorporate. I recommend this over cupcakes because a wedding cake does a better job of capturing the style of the couple and the reception.” This is a great option for variety and to add that extra hint of personality to your special day. In recognition of these yummy trends, we’ve collected some of our personal favorites from The Sugar Suite to share with you, enjoy!

Mini Cakes- Sugar Suite- Puff 'n Stuff Catering

Wedding Cupcakes- Sugar Suite- Puff 'n Stuff Catering

Mini Wedding Cakes- Sugar Suite- Puff 'n Stuff Catering

Mini Wedding Cakes- Sugar Suite- Puff 'n Stuff Catering

A huge thank you to the following photographers for sharing their incredible work with us:

Kristen Weaver Photography

Damon Tucci Photography

Scott Watt Photography

Amalie Orrange Photography

Trends | Chevron | ‘Tis the Season
October 9, 2012 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

Chevron, also called Cheveron in older documents, is an inverted V shaped pattern that has been making a huge scene in this season’s wedding & events. Although we’ve recently come to love this hot, new chevron in events- it’s actually a senior pattern that’s been around since ancient times dating back to 1800 BC in early pottery & rock carvings.

We’re seeing this charming pattern dance it’s way into all aspects of events, from the finishing details such as napkins, favors, table runners, linens, napkins, and even cake designs to largely incorporated into the theme via photo backdrops, stationary & invitations, and even entire tablescapes. With so many variations of hues and colors, this lovely pattern is the perfect finishing touch to any event.

Chevron Wedding Trends

Chevron- Puff 'n Stuff Catering & Events Wedding Trends

Chevron- Puff 'n Stuff Catering & Events Wedding Trends

Photo Credits

Collage 1:
Left: Pinterest
Right Top: Bash, Please
Right Bottom: Alison Events

Collage 2:
Left Top: She Finds
Left Bottom: Amy Atlas
Right: Pinterest

Collage 3:
Left Top: Alchemy Events & Invitations
Left Bottom: Peter Callahan
Right: Sweet & Saucy Shop

Trends | Wedding Seating Plans | Traditional, King’s or Sweetheart Table?
September 5, 2012 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

If you’ve finalized your guest list and are ready to knock out your seating plan, the first big step is deciding where you’d like to sit at your own party. First, start by creating a special place just for you and your love! Whether or not your guests will have assigned seating, it’s important to give yourself a special place to sit. There are several popular options including sweetheart tables, king’s tables and the traditional head table.


Romantic Sweetheart Tables
A more recent addition to wedding receptions, a sweetheart table is typically situated in front of guests or closest to the dance floor and seats only the bride and groom. This table-for-two brings the couple to the forefront, making them the natural center of attention and provides a front-row seat for the party. Not only does this option offer sweet photo ops, it helps you focus on each other, enjoy your meal and get back to the excitement!

Orlando & Tampa, FL


Lively King’s Tables
A King’s Table is a long table with 12 or more guests seated opposite one another, much like a King holding court with his royal entourage. Guests at the King’s Table sit opposite of each other for ease of conversation, and a more intimate atmosphere. This is also a nice way to include dates of the wedding – if they don’t know anyone else it allows them to engage in conversation in a comfortable setting.

Orlando & Tampa, Fl


Traditional Head Tables
The most classic bridal seating arrangement is the traditional head table, seating the bride and groom between their respective wedding parties. A long banquet table is a focal point in the reception space and sets the couple and their wedding parties in a place of honor. Immediate family members are sometimes included at this table, the choice is up to you!

Orlando & Tampa, Fl
Collage 1:
Top Left: Pinterest
Top Right: Photo by Allie Lindsay, featured on Style Me Pretty
Middle Right:Pinterest
Bottom: Belle the Magazine

Collage 2:
Top Left: Catering & Setup by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering, Photo by Ryan Joseph Photographs
Top Right: Pinterest
Bottom: Catering & Setup by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering, Photo by Damon Tucci Photography

Collage 3:
Top Left: Catering by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering, Photo by Tab McCausland
Middle Left: Pinterest
Right Left: Catering & Setup by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering, Photo by Misty Miotto
Top Right: Pinterest
Bottom Right:Pinterest

Trends | Monograms | Letters of Love
June 13, 2012 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

Monograms have long been spotted as engravings on invitations and stationery, and as embroidery on linens. Today, these symbolic letters are making appearances throughout the wedding landscape as sweet additions to champagne flutes, candles, clothing accessories, deserts and more! There are so many clever ways to utilize monograms as a symbol of your new union; sites like Pinterest and Marry Monograms offer creative ideas, DIY advice and and more to help you incorporate this increasingly popular trend into your big day.

Ideal for customizing any wedding element, monograms can be designed to coordinate with your theme by selecting personalized fonts, colors and symbols. And don’t forget to talk to your key vendors – caterers, lighting specialists and wedding planners can supply unique options for incorporating monograms into your wedding. Here are some great ideas to get your started!


Love Initially

Letters of Love


Letters of Decor

Letters of Decor


 Multi-Purpose Monograms

Multi-purpose Monograms


Collage 1

Top Left: Tip Junkie
Top Right: Two Twenty One
Center Right: Pinterest
Bottom: Sweet Designs by Kim

Collage 2

Top Left: Martha Stewart Weddings
Bottom Left: Truly Engaging
Top Right: Pinterest
Bottom Right: Once Upon a Bams

Collage 3

Top Left: My Home Ideas
Center Left: Pinterest
Bottom Left: Girly Wedding
Top Right: Wedding Channel
Bottom Right: Martha Stewart Weddings

Inspiration | Purple – The Perfect Palette
April 24, 2012 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

From precious stones to vibrant orchids the rich, royal color of purple has been around for centuries. An age-old symbol of royalty, the lovely variations of this hue is charming it’s way into today’s weddings and events! Spotted in shades ranging from lush deep purple and lavender to the “electric purple” that came around in the last decade, these colors create, compliment and contrast perfectly with so many palettes. Purple perfectly accents the sweetest details such as straws, jewelery and table decor, and structures large-scale elements like up-lighting, linens, and photo backdrops. The creative options are limitless, and we love it!

Check out some our favorite images below, and then visit these ever-changing inspiration boards on Pinterest from The Perfect Palette to get more ideas!


Purple the Perfect Pallete

Purple wedding Inspiration

Purple Inspiration

Purple Inspiration

Collage 1:
Top Left: Floral
Bottom Left: Ball Decor
Right: Food by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering with photography by Ryan Joseph Photographs

Collage 2:
Top Left: Food by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering with photography by Ryan Joseph Photographs
Bottom Left: Cap Classique
Top Right: Z Gallery
Bottom Right: Food by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering with photography by Ryan Joseph Photographs

Collage 3:
Top Left: Floral
Top Center: Pinterest
Top Right: Floral
Bottom: The Ballroom at Church Street with photography by Damon Tucci Photography

Collage 4:
Top Left: Stationary
Bottom Left: Food by Puff ‘n Stuff Catering with photography by Ryan Joseph Photographs
Top Right: Glitters
Bottom Right: Etsy Straws

Trends | Centerpieces | All Eyes On the Center!
April 3, 2012 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

While we hold many wedding traditions dear, we love inspiring, of-the-moment centerpiece creations! The new trends show that brides are using their creative license to imagine, create and showcase their personalities through centerpieces. With so many DIY tips and tutorials available on sites like Pinterest and YouTube,  original and crafty centerpieces are rising to new heights on today’s tablescapes.  Whether your style is glitzy and glamorous, au natural, or modern chic, the possibilities are endless!

Using themed centerpieces unique to each table is a great creative trend right now. Fruit is also making a fresh new statement on the tablescape, from accents in floral arrangements to baskets and goblets brimming over with ripe fruits. Brides are also utilizing new materials such as wood rounds, paper products, color dyes, and earthy elements like rocks, sand and plants such as echeveria to make the centerpieces their own unique masterpiece. Check out the collages below for some of our favorite trending centerpieces!

Modern Marvels



Garden Paths



Natural Love


Collage 1:
Left: Paper Doiley Chandelier
Top Right: Bubbly Balls
Bottom Right: Designs by Ahn

Collage 2:
Top Left: Tea Cups & Saucers
Bottom Left: Layered Vases
Top Right: Terrarium
Bottom Right: Clipboard Candles

Collage 3:
Left: Ripe Fruit
Top Right: Woodsy Wedding
Bottom Right: Apple Blossom

Trends | Wedding Shoes | The Perfect Pair
March 13, 2012 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

The plain and simple white heel that’s been around for ages is finally stepping back. Walking the bride down the aisle is an important job requiring style, and lots of it! So in with the hot pops of color, philanthropy, words of love, and elegant additions!

Pops of Color
Colored shoes have made a grand entrance into many weddings from bright colors to mix-and-matching bright colors. Not only do bold heels add an element of fun, they give you a good reason to show off your dancing shoes!

Shoes with a Purpose
Another trend we’re seeing is shoes that give back. With all the money spent on weddings, it’s great to know that the shoes you’re wearing not only look amazing, but are also helping someone else in need. One of our favorite companies is TOMS Shoes. For every pair of shoes purchased TOMS matches a pair of shoes for a child in need.

Words of Love
It’s all about the details from head to toe… including the bottom of those beloved wedding shoes! From appliques and stickers to writing a sweet note to remember, Brides & Grooms are finding clever ways to share their words of love, special dates and of course the ever famous “I DO.”

Elegant Additions
You’re wedding shoes should be as unique as you are. From pearls and embellishments to flowers and glitter, there are so many fun ways to dress your feet. Whether you’re going for classy, elegant or trendy, the possibilities are endless with these pretty little additions. Look below to see some of our favorite wedding shoes!

Pops of Color

Wedding shoes


Shoes with a Purpose

Wedding shoes


Words of Love

Wedding Shoes


Elegant Additions

Wedding Shoes

Collage 1:

Top Left: My Glass Slipper
Top Right: Cherry Tree Lane
Bottom Left: Etsy
Bottom Right: Bridal Buds

Collage 2:

TOMS Wedding Collection

Collage 3:

Top Left: Zank You
Top Right: Contemporary Bride
Bottom Left: Zank You
Bottom Center: Zank You
Bottom Right: Etsy

Collage 4:

Top Left: Etsy
Top Right: You & You’re Wedding
Bottom Left: Pinterest
Bottom Center: Pinterest
Bottom Right: Net-a-Porter

Trends | Mason Jars | From Preserving Jars to Decorations!
December 29, 2011 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

What was first invented back in 1858 to preserve and can food, has evolved into a ever-changing piece in today’s events. From drinking glasses to decorations, these useful jars are showing up all over the map. The possibilities are endless, we’ve collected a few of our favorite ways to incorporate mason jars into your special event!

Mason Jars

Mason Jars

Collage 1:

Top Left: Tie a clear wire or fishing line around the neck of the jar, insert a candle, and hang from the tree branch or other object.

Collage 2:

Bottom Left: Break open a glow stick, dump it in a jar, shake it up and you have an instant glow stick lantern.
Right: Water down Elmer’s glue to a thin paste. Take colored tissue paper, and place it on the mason jar. Use a paint brush to apply the glue mixture over the tissue paper. Insert a candle and enjoy.

Inspiration | Holiday Planning with Puff ‘n Stuff Catering!
December 15, 2011 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

The holiday’s are here and they’re not slowing down! Whether you’re celebrating with your closest friends and family or hosting a grand-scale party, Puff ‘n Stuff Catering wants to make this holiday season a jolly good time for you!

Our Holiday Planner was hand-crafted for this holiday season and is sure to leave your guests raving for more. Hors d’oeuvres such as our brie in phylo cups with pecan praline filling, baked stuffed mushroom caps, pepper berry crusted lamb chops, or coconut chicken brochettes are just a few delicious ways to start off any celebration!

From buffets and plated dinners to chef-attended stations and appetizers, we’ve got you covered! With so many options like our traditional cranberry glazed Virginia ham to our popular red-hot-holiday mango & chile-glazed spiral cut ham, and eight different styles of potatoes, the possibilities are endless making your holiday party as unique and special as you and your guests.

And a holiday party wouldn’t be complete without desserts like our Chef-attended crème brulee, S’mores indoors, and French dessert crepes stations. We know its hard to pick just one, but don’t worry, our seasoned Special Event Planners are here to help with that too!

There are so many ways to add holiday flavor to your home. We’ve paired a few of the spectacular dishes that you can find in our Holiday Planner below along with some of our favorite holiday centerpieces. Enjoy and Happy Holidays from the team at Puff ‘n Stuff Catering!


Holiday Planning

Holiday Planning

Check out our Holiday Planner HERE to see more great ideas.

Floral Wedding Trends | The Freshest Trends of the Season!
December 5, 2011 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

Fashion isn’t the only thing that changes with the season…and this season’s floral trends are absolutely breathtaking! The traditional white arrangements have taken the backseat to bright color combinations, diamonds, feathers, dynamic sizes, and hints of herbs. Brides and Grooms are designing floral arrangements to set the tone they want for their special day. Whether you’re looking to set a fiery romantic, vintage, or a lively atmosphere, this season’s trends will compliment them all!

In early Roman Weddings, Brides carried herbs under their veils to ensure fertility and fidelity, and to ward off evil spirits. You might not use them for the same purpose on your wedding day, but you can still participate in one the freshest trends of the season; incorporating fresh succulents like echeveria, and herbs like rosemary and lavender to your arrangements. It’s ancient beauty meets modernity to create this boho- chic look, bringing new textures and scents to the table.

New Heights
Table arrangements are reaching new and different heights, literally. Instead of identical centerpieces, brides are mixing it up. From various size arrangements of the same color scheme, to multiple vases of different heights on one table.

Another new trend we love is feathers! They are such an elegant and romantic addition providing a fairytale atmosphere; and they can be incorporated into your wedding in so many ways. From dainty and subtle, to large colored ostrich feathers, they add a plume of perfection to today’s arrangements.

The finishing touches… after all it’s all in the details! After taking the time to pick out the perfect floral combination, adding buttons, pins,  jewels and pearls make your arrangement that more more unique. Year after year the satin ribbon has been a beautiful choice for binding, but also consider lace, a funky fabric, or even burlap. Most of all, have fun!

Floral Wedding trends

Floral Wedding trends

Floral Wedding trends

Floral Wedding trends

Floral Wedding trends

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Art Faulkner Photography and Fairbank Florist, two amazing local vendors of which many of the above pictured floral arrangements came from.



Art Faulkner Photography

Fairbanks Florist

Rhodes Studios

Silk Wedding Designs


Guest Book Trends | Creative Keepsakes & Memory Makers
November 17, 2011 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

Although it is one of the of the few wedding mementos that last a lifetime, the wedding guest book is often overlooked. As a bride focused on all the hectic details of your special day, the guestbook can be left until last minute and not given much thought until after the wedding. However, the messages that are left by your guests will be read for years to come, so why not make your guest book fun?

Creativity is key when thinking of an idea for your guest book. Look for something fun, yet easily to display and access. Instead of having guests sign the traditional guest book or scrapbook, friends and family could sign a frame for a picture of the newly wedded couple to enjoy the memories long after that oh so cherished date! The possibilities are endless, and couples are getting more creative than ever when it comes to their guest books. It should be crafted to showcase the bride and groom themselves, after all your wedding day is all about you! Below are some of the not-so-traditional guest books that we love…Enjoy!

Unforgettable Puzzle Pieces

Guest Book Trends
Original Post by: The Wedding Favor

Ceramic Plate of Congratulations

Guest Book Trends
Original Post by: Art Taboret

Box of Cherished Notes

Guest Book Trends
Original Post by: Style Me Pretty
Quilt of Memories

Guest Book Trends
Original Post by: The Vegas Wedding Planner

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Guest Book Trends
Original Post by: Ruffled

Timeless Typewriter

Guest Book Trends
Original Post by: Wedding by Color

Tree of Best Wishes

Guest Book Trends
Original Post by: Here comes the Guide

Love Rocks

Guest Book Trends
Original Post by: Wedding Party Guest

Color Trends | Pretty in Pink!
November 10, 2011 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

Pretty in Pink is more than just a great ’80s movie – it’s one of the hottest wedding color palettes around. From subtle touches of pale pink to bright and bold fuchsia, it’s easy to see how these shades are charming their way into weddings! From dazzling shoes and feminine chair covers, to sumptuous florals and delicious pink desserts, you can incorporate this romantic color into almost any element of your wedding.

Often referred to as “the color of love,” some men have shied away from the idea of pink. But more and more, grooms are embracing shades of pink and donning ties, vests and boutonnieres in handsome pink hues.

Whether you’re looking for an elaborate hot fuchsia theme, or adding an accent color of deep or traditional pink, the shades and possibilities are endless. And we’ve collected some stunning Pretty in Pink ideas and elements from some of our favorite local wedding photographers to help get your creative juices flowing!

Check out their beautiful images below, and then visit these ever-expanding inspiration boards on Pinterest from The Perfect Palette to get more ideas!

Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: K&K Photography, Lockwood Studios, and The Sugar Suite


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: K&K Photography and Lockwood Studios


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: K&K Photography and Lockwood Studios


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: K&K Photography and Lockwood Studios


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: K&K Photography


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: Lockwood Studios


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: K&K Photography and Lockwood Studios


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: K&K Photography


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: K&K Photography and Lockwood Studios


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: Lockwood Studios


Wedding Trends Pink

Photographed by: Tab McCausland Photography


Thank you to Jeff at K&K Photography, Aaron at Lockwood Studios, and Tab at Tab McCausland Photography for contributing your images to this post!

Groom's Cakes Fit for a King!
June 20, 2011 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

The Groom’s Cake – one of the few distinctly masculine wedding features – is a Southern tradition making a popular modern-day comeback. A surprise or gift from the bride, the groom’s cake is customarily served at the rehearsal dinner or as an alternative to the wedding cake at the reception. Traditional groom’s cakes feature masculine colors and rich flavors like chocolate, red velvet or the groom’s favorite flavor.

However, contemporary groom’s cakes themed for his favorite sports team, hobby or profession are making quite a stir at receptions across the country, not just in the south. And following wedding cake trends set by shows like Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes, intricate and ornate groom’s cakes are becoming quite popular. But no matter whether you’re interested in sweet and simple or styled and stunning, any groom is sure to appreciate the thoughtful gesture of presenting him with his own special treat.

For more inspiration, read on to see a few custom groom’s cakes from the bakery at Puff ‘n Stuff Catering, and some ideas from around the web that are fit for a king (and your groom)!

Photographed by: Pilster Photography Created by: Puff ‘n Stuff Catering

Created by: Sugar Suite

Created by: Puff ‘n Stuff Catering

Original Post by: Wedding Wire

Photographed by: Brian Phillips Photography Original Post by: The Knot

Photographed and Original Post by: Pohlman’s Cakes

Photographed and Original Post by: Theme Cakes by Traci

Original Post By: Sweet Retreats Blog

Photographed and Original post by: Pink Cake Box

Photographed and Original Post by: Cake Central

Photographed and Original post by: Sugar Coated Bakery

Photographed and Original Post by: Ace of Cakes

Name Card Trends | Greeting Guests with Style
June 15, 2011 by Puff 'n Stuff | comments

When an large influx of wedding guests enter the reception space and attempt to locate their seats all at once, name cards are incredibly helpful in directing guests to their assigned tables. However, the use of traditional black and white paper name cards is dwindling and personally designed place cards are on the rise. Many couples have taken it upon themselves to go one step further and customize their guest name cards in a way that reflects their wedding theme, favorite hobby, and even making them an edible treat for guests to enjoy before their main course!

And what better way to show immediate appreciation to your guests than to greet them with personalized name cards designed just for them?  Whether you use sweet treats, trinkets that coordinate with your wedding theme or personalized mementos, have fun and be creative! Anything from wine corks to feathers to chocolate can be used to create something special that defies tradition. Take a look at some inspirational pieces and enjoy!

Photographed by: Punam Bean Original Post on: Green Wedding Shoes


Photographed by: Martha Stewart Original Post by: Blue Orchid Designs


Photographed by: He and She Photography Original Post by: Green Wedding Shoes


Photographed and Original Post by: Do It Yourself Weddings


Photographed by: NBarrett Photography Original Post by: 100 Layer Cake

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